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We develop the procedures necessary to ensure supply chain continuity management. We typically leverage the data gathered during a business impact analysis when critical suppliers are identified but also work with those in charge of procurement to develop the methodology for gathering data from those suppliers to assess their capability to meet the business needs so as to ensure there is no disruption to the delivery of the organization’s products and services.


Supply Chain Continuity Questions

We do so by advising clients to establish a well-organized and repeatable process for vetting their suppliers’ business continuity capabilities.

The business impact analysis process helps to inform the supplier prioritization. We work with clients to develop the questions to ask of each supplier to reveal any resource gaps that could impact the client’s ability to continue delivery of their products or services. As part of the process, we advise on how to assess survey responses to improve supply chain continuity for the client.

Supply chain disruptions are serious business. Remember the container ship (“Ever Given”) that became stuck in the Suez Canal for six days in March 2021 and the scarcity of electronic products that followed?

If you rely on a supplier, you need to understand what will happen if they are unable to fulfill their obligations to deliver supplies, and the ensuing impact it has on the delivery of your own products and services. The extent of the impact to your business should dictate whether sourcing from additional suppliers is necessary. In the case of single-source suppliers, it may be necessary to amass additional inventory in case of unforeseen circumstances.

We have developed a methodology to navigate this complex topic so our clients are able to minimize the risk of supply chain disruption.

Yes we can. We help our clients in setting up a program to address how new suppliers will be selected, and how existing suppliers will be assessed on an ongoing basis, to ensure their ability to deliver the resources the client requires for the continued delivery of products and services. Contact us today!


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