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We monitor the trends around seasonal and non-seasonal outbreak of influenza and other infectious diseases likely to impact the workplace. We create practical, straightforward plans to address them. We also provide the documentation and train your teams about how to react during an outbreak.

Looking for help with COVID-19 response activities? We have deep experience in response to SARS and the 2009 H1N1 pandemic events and have been assisting clients globally with the development of infectious disease response and recovery plans since 2003. We are currently providing consulting services on COVID-19 to clients ranging from plan development, to delivery of staff training on related topics such as office policies, procedures and protocols, personal preparedness, quarantine, isolation.


Pandemic Planning Questions

Back in April 2020 we published a COVID-19 Reopening Plan to provide general guidance on areas organizations should consider and made this widely available via our website and through industry channels. This will plan provides a broad range of topics to think about, we know that each client has unique needs. Our expertise can help you define the guidelines that are right for you. With this in mind, we would be honored to work with you on your return to office plans.

An effective pandemic plan, sometimes referred to as an infectious disease plan, should build on the crisis management capability in a well-functioning business continuity management program.

Pandemic planning requires that preventative measures are put in place in advance to help break the cycle of transmission in the workplace in the event of a public health incident.

Planning starts by considering that a disease may not reach pandemic proportions but could nevertheless significantly impact your organization’s ability to provide products or services. You need to understand the potential impact to your workforce, operations, suppliers and customers and incorporate the necessary response guidance into planning documentation. Further, your planning should include the ability to modify your business practices rapidly in response to government requirements and regulations.

A team focused on an infectious disease outbreak is essential. Oftentimes this may be a subset of the crisis management team but regardless of who, the composition of the team needs to be defined and trained, and they should participate in exercises that validates the plan will work as documented.

Yes, we can help you. We are actively working with clients to understand their initial response to COVID-19 and the ongoing actions they have implemented to ensure continuity of their operations – in other words we are seeking to understand what has worked and what has not.

While there is no one size fits all, we lead our clients through a thoughtful discovery of the right recommendations to improve their overall business continuity management program.


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