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Fiona Raymond-Cox recognized for her input to The BCI Good Practice Guidelines Edition 7.0 released November 1, 2023 (accessible to members) | For additional RCC news and articles click on the top menu News link.


About Raymond-Cox Consulting

We plan for the unpredictable events that can derail your business. Guiding you through these difficult questions: What are the biggest risks your company faces? How will you maintain operations when one of your facilities is inaccessible, systems fail, your supply chain is disrupted, or you have insufficient staff to run your business? What about minimizing expenses and losses during a crisis? We offer a planned response for disasters and crises that is seamless and secure for your customers and employees. Serving as a trusted advisor to each client, we deliver exceptional personalized service.


What We Do

We develop effective crisis management and business continuity programs that protect your staff, safeguard corporate assets, and restore functions quickly when an emergency strikes. We listen and observe to tailor our work to the needs of each client and ensure success, not just today, but as our clients’ businesses grow and change. We deliver all hazard plans – it is not the incident but its impact that is important. We focus on building resilience for our clients, whatever the cause.

Who We Are

Raymond-Cox Consulting brings together international experts in crisis management, emergency preparedness, business continuity, IT disaster recovery and pandemic planning to help businesses prepare for the unexpected. We use our years of experience in each of these areas to develop innovative plans designed for each client, enhancing and adjusting them over time. Our consultants have previously worked for a range of organizations including not-for-profit, small to medium-sized businesses, Big Four accounting firms, international professional services firms and global enterprises.


Our consultants have executed an array of emergency preparedness, business continuity, crisis and incident management engagements for companies including not-for-profit organizations, startups, small to medium-sized businesses, Fortune 100 corporations and global enterprises. We have developed and delivered international pandemic plans, devised training programs and conducted groundbreaking simulation exercises. Clients are so satisfied with our work that most retain us to adjust the programs to the needs of their growing businesses and the ever-shifting landscape of threats to their organizations.

Consulting Services

Business Continuity

Developing resiliency is key to ensuring the ongoing delivery of products and services. We offer an array of services each tailored to achieve this goal and meet our client’s business needs.
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Crisis Management

An effective response to a disruption requires complete focus that can best be achieved with detailed planning. We design comprehensive plans, communication strategies and teams to take control of any situation.
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Emergency Preparedness

Evaluating business preparedness from the perspective of employee safety is critical. We develop plans and procedures to manage incidents that threaten life, property, operations, or the environment.
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Supply Chain Continuity

Understanding where vulnerabilities exist in the supply chain can help proactively manage risk. We provoke discussions around the procurement cycle to integrate alternate robust procedures to minimize disruption.
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IT Disaster Recovery

IT systems are not infallible. We develop plans to ensure the recovery of systems, applications and data. We also design a thorough testing program to confirm the effectiveness of those plans.
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Pandemic Planning

COVID-19 has underscored the need to be prepared for the unexpected. We have deep experience assisting clients globally with infectious disease response plans. We currently provide COVID-19 return to office support.
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Assessments and Audits

Having an unfiltered view of a program is the best way to improve it and demonstrates to customers that resiliency is taken seriously. We measure against established standards to make recommendations for closing gaps.
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Program Governance

A fundamental attribute to any successful business continuity management program is an established governance framework. We create the structure necessary to oversee the ongoing maturity of any program.
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Managed Services

Without enough time, resources, or expertise, it is possible your program needs attention. We can be engaged to build and manage any aspect of your program or even train your staff to run your program with confidence.
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