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The objective of a Crisis Management Plan is to ensure an organization has a documented structure and guidelines in place to assist management in managing the response to and recovery from an incident impacting an organization’s facilities, information systems, or staff.

The purpose of the Crisis Management Team is to have a group of executive management-level personnel who will assemble, guide, and support business continuity and recovery teams through an incident that has the potential to become a crisis impacting a campus or production facility.


Crisis Management Questions

Yes! We are frequently engaged by our clients to revamp their existing program documentation. Please get in touch and start the conversation so we can assess how best to help you.

Our experience shows that no two companies respond to a crisis in the same way. Because of this, we work with our clients to create a bespoke viable crisis management capability that ensures effective coordination to an event, large or small. With this in place, the team can maintain a sharp focus on what’s important: life safety and any predetermined business priorities.

Clients rely on our expertise to help define the most appropriate response team structure and procedures to be used during a team activation. As part of planning, we can’t stress enough the importance of developing the capability to create consistent messaging that can be deployed without undue delay.

Selecting the right people to fill each crisis management team role is critical.

It’s a smart investment for any organization to provide the essential orientation, training and exercises for all crisis management team members so they know how to interpret the procedures and are completely comfortable responding to any type of event.

You will never know if you don’t train those responsible for responding to an incident or crisis and provide them the opportunity to test those capabilities during exercises!

We recommend establishing a program that minimally encompasses the following capabilities: emergency response, crisis management and communications as well as business activity prioritization.

Executives need to be quite familiar with the established response protocols and understand the importance of delegating responsibility during a crisis, which takes practice.

You certainly don’t want to wait until the next event to find out that your leaders are not ready.


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