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We develop a comprehensive program to ensure that your organization continues to operate key business activities during and after an incident. We offer an array of services each tailored to your business’ needs.


We identify the risks that natural, man-made, environmental or political disasters pose to your organization’s operations. We evaluate their likelihood and assess existing and potential mitigation measures.


We evaluate the size and scope of the impact to key functional areas throughout your organization, identifying the risks if these functions cannot be performed. We assess the level of impact to the health and safety of personnel, compliance with contractual commitments and regulations, loss of revenue, loss of reputation or stakeholder confidence, disruption in operations. We then set priorities for action and allocation of resources according to your company’s individual needs.


We prepare your organization to respond to and recover from an unexpected event, evaluating existing emergency response strategies and prioritizing resources to ensure the cost-effective and timely recovery of your critical business operating processes.


We design the tactical plans – so-called “Grab and Go” documents – that are necessary for the smooth resumption of business operations. We identify key business processes, alternate workspace locations, minimum staffing needs, system dependencies, manual workarounds in the event of system shutdowns, key employees and emergency contacts.


We train your staff to execute the crisis management and business continuity plans successfully, developing programs that range from “tabletop” exercises, which are short simulations, to full-scale operational tests that replicate the recovery of critical business functions – the closest exercise to an actual disaster. Each scenario is unique to the client and may be triggered by natural disasters (e.g., earthquake, flood, wildfire), man-made (e.g., fire, bomb, cyber threat), or workplace incidents (e.g., explosions, building collapse). In performing these tests, we continually evaluate and validate each plan’s accuracy and effectiveness throughout, and implement a program for ongoing updates so the program remains current.


Business Continuity Questions

The key is in understanding your business and knowing the risks that could impact each product or service.

We guide our clients through a thorough process that in the end helps establish the priorities and understand the risks that makes the business more resilient. Our data gathering process helps to inform what needs to be recovered following a disruption and when that recovery must occur. With this information, business recovery strategies and solutions are defined, documented, and validated. This forms the foundation of a robust business continuity program.

While this may seem overwhelming, this need not be the case. The important thing is to start planning and define a scope that allows you to implement in phases. We always tell our clients “business continuity is a program not a project”.

Every program is so different. We are happy to talk to you and determine a plan of action that will work for you.

We always recommend starting with a risk assessment for each site. The information we glean from each site can, of course, be rolled up to present a holistic view of the risks to an organization.

We work with our clients to identify and evaluate any number of potential risks that threaten delivery of products and services. Through years of experience, we have developed an approach that provides meaningful results for our clients leaving them with a better understanding of the risks they face and how best to mitigate them.

It’s important to note that at the end of the day the findings of the risk assessment inform the necessary actions to be taken to prevent or mitigate the identified risks.

Yes! We work with our clients to very specifically design a bespoke program that meets their needs by taking into account their organizational culture, budget and timeline.

Our clients always appreciate that we establish a thorough understanding of their needs from the start. Understanding the motivation, priorities and resources allows us to develop a targeted scope of work that meets their exact needs.

Every client engagement is unique. Whether it takes several months or multiple years to implement a program, we can be the driving force to keeping the program evolving and maturing.

Our clients work with true industry experts. Each Raymond-Cox Consulting consultant has managed their own programs and consulted with a wide variety of clients across many industries over many years.

We deliver the solutions that empower our clients to achieve a state of improved resiliency.

Often, an engagement will lead to a longstanding relationship with a client because they trust and enjoy working with us.  And we enjoy working with them.


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