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We develop a plan to ensure the recovery of systems and applications in the event of an IT failure. We confirm the plan’s effectiveness by testing discrete components and data center backups.


IT Disaster Recovery Questions

We would welcome the opportunity to assist you. We find that all too frequently it has been left for the Information Technology (IT) department to choose the timeframe within which a particular system or application will be resumed. This often fails to take into account the needs of the business. Clients come to us for help in thoughtfully determining these gaps.

We have a proven methodology to assess the technology needs of the business needs which informs the continuity of IT systems and applications. The combination of these data points allows us to work with IT, the business, plus management to identify where there are gaps and establish how to narrow or eradicate them.

Our consultants have years of practical hands-on experience creating plans for technology recovery. As a result, clients look to us for their IT disaster recovery needs. We can work with your IT infrastructure team members and application owners to create plans from the ground up and ultimately put them to the test.

Yes, we can help by looking at your disaster recovery plans for completeness and conformance to industry best practices. We can also look at key data points in your program to identify misalignment between the business’ needs for specific technology and the technology recovery plans themselves. This reveals where work is needed to shore up a program.

We have worked on endeavors large and small. Regardless of whether you’re starting out or have a large program you want to mature, reach out to us with your specific questions! We would be pleased to help assess your ITDR capabilities or scope out a testing program that meets your needs.

Failing to prepare for a cyber-attack can be disruptive and potentially costly. And with today’s headlines filled with ransomware attacks it’s no wonder cybersecurity is a hot topic.

We can and do design and prepare the materials for, and ultimately facilitate, cybersecurity exercises. Clients that have prepared for, or experienced a cyber event, acknowledge they are better equipped to respond because of our exercises. Contact us so we can learn more about your needs.


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