What We Do

What We Do

We plan for the unpredictable events that can derail your business. What are the biggest risks your company faces? How will you maintain operations when one of your facilities is inaccessible, systems fail, your supply chain is disrupted, or you have insufficient staff to run your business? What about minimizing expenses and losses during a crisis? We develop effective crisis management and business continuity programs that protect your staff, safeguard corporate assets, and restore functions quickly when an emergency strikes. We listen and observe to tailor our work to the needs of each client and ensure success, not just today, but as our clients’ businesses grow and change.

Our methodology is all-hazards based i.e. it is not the incident but its impact that is important. We focus on building resilience for our clients, whatever the cause.

We serve as a trusted advisor to each client and deliver exceptional personalized service. We offer a planned response for disasters and crises that is seamless and secure for your customers and employees.

Outsourced Services

We can assist your organization to launch a new program or provide guidance on how to enhance an existing one. We can manage your program ourselves or train your staff to run your program with confidence.

Assessments and Audits

We assess current capabilities to determine gaps in an organization’s business continuity program when compared to a recognized business continuity standard. We also develop an implementation roadmap that can be used to describe the prioritized requirements and resources needed to address recovery gaps and complete the program structure.

Program Governance

We help by developing the framework (organizational structure, policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities) that underpin your entire business continuity management program or a discreet portion of it, which in turn can be used to verify if the program is running as envisioned.

Crisis Management

We design a comprehensive crisis management plan, develop an effective communication strategy, identify members of your organization’s crisis management team who will come together to manage the incident, and define each staff member’s role.

Emergency Preparedness

We evaluate your business’ preparedness in terms of employee safety, developing a response plan that determines whether protecting lives and securing the facility is best achieved through evacuation or temporary lockdown. We define the steps to be taken before, during and after an incident that threatens life, property, operations, or the environment.

Business Continuity

We develop a comprehensive program to ensure that your organization continues to operate key business processes during and after an incident. We offer an array of services each tailored to your business’ needs.

Identify – We identify the risks that natural, man-made, environmental or political disasters pose to your organization’s operations. We evaluate their likelihood and assess existing and potential mitigation measures.

Analyze – We evaluate the size and scope of the impact to key functional areas throughout your organization, identifying the risks if these functions cannot be performed. We assess the level of impact to the health and safety of personnel, compliance with contractual commitments and regulations, loss of revenue, loss of reputation or stakeholder confidence, disruption in operations. We then set priorities for action and allocation of resources according to your company’s individual needs.

Design – We prepare your organization to respond to and recover from an unexpected event, evaluating existing emergency response strategies and prioritizing resources to ensure the cost-effective and timely recovery of your critical business operating processes.

Execute –  We design the tactical plans – so-called “Grab and Go” documents – that are necessary for the smooth resumption of business operations. We identify key business processes, alternate workspace locations, minimum staffing needs, system dependencies, manual workarounds in the event of system shutdowns, key employees and emergency contacts.

Measure – We train your staff to execute the crisis management and business continuity plans successfully, developing programs that range from “tabletop” exercises, which are short simulations, to full-scale operational tests that replicate the recovery of critical business functions – the closest exercise to an actual disaster. Each scenario is unique to the client and may be triggered by natural disasters (e.g., earthquake, flood, wildfire), man-made (e.g., fire, bomb, cyber threat), or workplace incidents (e.g., explosions, building collapse). In performing these tests, we continually evaluate and validate each plan’s accuracy and effectiveness throughout, and implement a program for ongoing updates so the program remains current.

IT Disaster Recovery

We develop a plan to ensure the recovery of systems and applications in the event of an IT failure. We confirm the plan’s effectiveness by testing discrete components and data center backups.

Pandemic Planning

We monitor the trends around seasonal and non-seasonal outbreak of influenza and other infectious diseases likely to impact the workplace. We create practical, straightforward plans to address them. We also provide the documentation and train your teams about how to react during an outbreak.